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Главная » 2011 » Апрель » 2 » Havoc Unit - h.IV+ /2008
Havoc Unit - h.IV+ /2008

Havoc Unit

(Hoarse Industrial Viremia)

Год : 2008
Страна : Finland
Стиль : Experimental Black /Death /Industrial

Tracklist ^ 

01. (05:16) مبيد الدّيدان [Vermicide]
02. (03:46) I. esus [The Liturgy of Inhumanity]
03. (06:13) When Children Are No Longer Enough [C.oitus O.rgasm C.atholic K.ids]
04. (03:43) Generation Genocide [Humanitarian Vivisection]
05. (05:56) Viremia [Regime HIV+]
06. (04:25) Kyrie Eleison [Totalitarian Libertarianism]
07. (02:14) Nihil [Operation Blitzkrieg]
08. (03:42) Man vs. Flesh [Structured Suicide]
09. (03:55) Ignoratio Elenchi [Reversed Genesis]
10. (05:33) Kill All Nations [The Manual of Terrorism]
11. (01:36) Kristallnacht [From Revolution to Reconstruction]
12. (03:27) Klan Korps [Volkssturm & Erregung]
13. (03:56) Rape Scene Act I [The Fine Art of Quality Time]


Sa.myel - drums, bass, guitars (All in Me, Deathbound, Ghost Guard, O, Rotten Sound)
T.kunz - guitars, bass (O, Deathbound)
Jos.f - vocals (O, (SIC), Irene's Kunt, Extreme Disco Terror, Peacefrog)
Heinr.ich - keys (O, (SIC), Kinetik Control, The Sin:Decay, Kyprian's Circle, Black Dawn (Fin), The True Black Dawn)


officially declaring …And Oceans dead with the transitional ..And
Oceans/Havoc Unit/Sin Decay split, here is official full length debut
from Havoc Unit, the newer and nastier incarnation of …And Oceans.

While most will more than likely remember the last two …And Oceans
offerings, AMGOD and Cypher as water down techno laced black metal, it
would not be fair to carry those preconceptions over to the aptly titled
h:IV+, as it is an altogether different beast. Though still full of
programming, samples and many buzzing whirring industrialized
influences, it’s a far more caustic and rusty than anything they did
under the ..And Oceans moniker.
More in line with the likes of
V:28, DHG, Control Human Delete and PHOBOS rather than true cyber metal
or the more extreme electronic based likes of Spektr or Zweizz, Havoc
Unit is somewhere in between the three with a maniacal, mechanical and
methodical delivery of spitefully industrial
blackened metal.

Tracks like lumbering opener "Vermicide”, scattershot assault of
"I.Esus”, steady clunking "When Snugg Is No Longer Enough” and truly
disturbing duo of "Gen.Eration Gen.Ocide” and "Viremia” make for an
attention getting, ear shredding cacophony of abrasive, industrialized,
programming filled chaos, but after that, it starts to get a bit
repetitive and the pummelling, beeping dissonance gets a bit old. The
riffs never really rise above the programming and the whole vitriol of
the sound starts to wear off without the benefit of memorable riffs.
Plus, the only real respite in the whole 54 minutes is the instrumental
© metal-archives

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