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Главная » 2016 » Апрель » 16 » Exterminance - Hatred Knows No Discrimination 1992
Exterminance - Hatred Knows No Discrimination 1992
Год: 1992 demo
Стиль: Death Metal
Страна: United States /Cumberland, Maryland
1. Premature Ruination 04:34 
2. Damnation Mortified 03:18 
3. Involuntary Offering 05:01
Total playing time: 12:53

It was 1988 when Paul Folk met Rodney Day and they formed a band under the moniker “The Deceased”, and then later changed to “Mortis Death” in 1989. Meeting new Drummer Brian Muir in 1990 they changed the name once again, this time to Exterminance; and the story begins. The Line up Paul Folk - Guitar, Rodney Day - Bass/Vocals - Brian Muir - Drums recorded their first demo in 1990; the demo was titled “Reign of Darkness” and featured 9 tracks of primitive metal, more like Viking metal leaning towards Death Metal. Influenced by bands like Hell Hammer, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Death, Obituary, DBC, Napalm Death, The Accused, DRI, Infernal Majesty, Testament, Bolt Thrower, etc… Exterminance was out to make a name for themselves. Through underground tape trading and Fanzines they were making a buzz for themselves by their second Demo release in 1991 titled, “Environmental Execution”. 1992 saw the release of a Demo entitled “Hatred Knows No Discrimination”, and saw various tracks released on many underground samplers and compilations as well as a lot of radio play on college radio metal programs. From 1992 through 1994 they were traveling in various areas (MD, PA, NY, NJ, CT, MA, VA) and playing shows with bands like Mass Psychosis, Deceased, Dying Fetus, Morbius, Mortal Decay, Damonacy, Vision of Disorder, Exmortis, Next Step Up, Internal Bleeding, Human Remains, and many more underground bands.more
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