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Коллекция » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND I » INRAGE /Thrash Metal (Sweden/2002)
INRAGE /Thrash Metal
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INRAGE - Built To Destroy

Год :2002
Страна :Sweden
Стиль :Thrash Metal

Tracklist :
1. Rebirth Of The Souls
2. Gift To Restore
3. Let Chaos In
4. Life Denied
5. Ultraviolence
6. Dead Heart Beating
7. Built To Destroy
8. Inject The Venom
9. Survival Of The Fittest
10. I Go Alone
11. No Tomorrow
Playing Time :36:47

The Thrash Metal-revival that is frequently spoken about in the media has yet to reach my home country. This is my sad discovery when I look at the state of affairs in the Netherlands, where the number of Death Metal bands still outnumbers any other kind of Metal style. Sweden on the other hand has discovered the new trend many years ago. The newest group that we can add to the likes of Terror 2000, the Haunted and Witchery is the young group Inrage. The music frequently reminds me of old Machine Head (vocals) and later Exodus (music). The songs are fast and aggressive, and the lyrics are typical thrash. My biggest gripe with this CD is that one essential element is conspicuous by its absence: the anger and the hatred that was typical for the first wave of thrash metal. This CD sounds to obedient, and the anger sounds imposed. I miss the poisonous anger, the deep-rooted hatred for society, which the originators in the 80s put in their music. In that respect, this band sounds like a group that played Death Metal once, and changed their style when they (re)discovered records like Bonded By Blood, None Shall Defy and Pleasure To Kill. Having said that, this is certainly an enjoyable cd for the fans of the genre.

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Коллекция » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND I » INRAGE /Thrash Metal (Sweden/2002)
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