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Abrasive /band



Brutal Death Metal /





The Death Metal formation ABRASIVE was founded by Ralf Köhler (git./vocals), Alex Ringwald (bass/screams) and Alex Mäckle (drums) in April 1999, and a half year later they released their debut MCD "Victim”. The old school styled debut got good reviews. In 2002 the second MCD followed, entitled "Desire”. On this record, ABRASIVE started to mix their old school Death Metal roots with the US brutal Death Metal style a la SUFFOCATION or SEVERE TORURE, and before the end of the recording sessions of "Desire”, Björn Dähn, joined as a second guitar player. After releasing "Desire”, the band promoted this MCD as good as possible and sold 800 copies worldwide. In the year 2004 NICE TO EAT YOU Records signed the band. So they released their first full length CD "Devotion” in December 2004 through this label. With this CD they followed their philosophy to mix Old School Death Metal and Brutal Death, but the Old School elements decreased even more than on "Desire”. The result was a gooving bastard of aggression and brutality with the typical ABRASIVE guitar lines. While Ralf Köhler used typical Death Metal growls he also invented a more guttural style, which are completed by the screams of Alex Ringwald, and above all is the blast-beat-oriented drumming of Alexander Mäckle which gives the ABRASIVE sound the necessary power. Lyrically they followed their way, and setting their focus on erotic thoughts and fantasies. ABRASIVE played a lot of shows and at some festivals (Soul Grinding, Mountains Of Death, Ludwigshafener Deathfest) inside and outside Germany to spread the name of the band out to the world. After Björn left the band, they couldn’t find a constant replacement. So ABRASIVE recorded their CD "Awakening Of Lust” as a three piece again. It was once again the combination of the powerful old school riffs, the groovy riffs and the double vocals that makes ABRASIVE sound unique. "Awakening Of Lust” got fantastic reviews and sold really fast. ABRASIVE have recorded 3 new songs to show the people the next level. The new songs are more brutal and catchier than before. All other trademarks are impact as well


Ralf Köhler (git/voc)
Alex Ringwald (bass/screams)
Alexander Mäckle (drums)



Victim (1999)
Desire (2002)
Devotion (2005)
Awakening of Lust (2007)




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