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Brazil São Paulo Heavy Progressive Metal This young guys from Campinas, close to Sao Paulo, released already 2 independent CDs, which ... In Brazil they ae not much known, but may be this changes in the future. Carlos Jr.

Brazil Black Metal участники связи

Brazil Black /Thrash Metal Cleubert "Gordo" Lopes Bass, Vocals Flávio Drums Geraldo Guitar, Vocals Funeral (Demo) 1987 Tracklist 1.

Brazil Curitiba Paraná Power Metal Doom Metal MySpace Guilher Luxyahak Vocals (2006 ) Marcos Anubis Guitar (2006 ) Luc Anderssen Guitar (2006 ) Fabio ...

Год /Year:2015 Страна /Country : Brazil Стиль /Style : Alternative Metal/Metalcore/Groove 1. An Endless Dystopia 2. Unlocked 3. Rivals 4. Leeches 5. Blood River 6.
Каталог альбомов » - 2015-11-29 17:51:04

...Год /Year: 2015 Страна /Country : Brazil Стиль /Style : Melodic Death Metal 1. Bittersweat Defeat 04:05 2. Failure 02:15 3. Leeches 04:44 4.
Каталог альбомов » - 2015-11-29 08:53:08

Год /Year: 1989 Demo Страна /Country : Brazil Стиль /Style : Thrash Metal/Crossover 1. Quantos Mais Morrerão? 2. Pior Que Um Animal 3. A.R.D.
Каталог альбомов » - 2016-04-05 10:11:33

...began in 2005, at Fortaleza, BRAZIL, surrounded by a rock scene filled with homogeneous styles. Since then, we have been builiding an audience and musical relevance ...the Northeastern region of the Brazil, we are looking for gigs all around, while we also prepare a debut album. Our first video for the song "...

Brazil Minas Gerais Progressive Death Metal MySpace "Criativity is not missing to A Season In Hell!...the Federal University of Uberlândia (Brazil) mid 2005 as a project for some gigs and later on became a full time band.

Brazil Dark Metal Doom Metal MySpace WebSite The beginning of a dream: In 1996 in the city of Sapucaia do Sul, ...

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