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Коллекция » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND J » JAMES BYRD /Progressive Metal (United States/1995,1998)
JAMES BYRD /Progressive Metal
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DISCOGRAPHY James Byrd (a.k.a. The James Byrd Group)

James Byrd - Son of Man

Год: 1995
Страна: US
Стиль: Progressive Metal

1. In the Beginning 7:06
2. Adam 3:14
3. The World Requiem 4:35
4. Ezekiel (Son of a Man) 5:34
5. Yeshua - Adonai Elohim 2:51
6. Out of the Temple 4:01
7. The Teacher / Beatitude 5:41
8. Golgotha / The Right Hand of Power 6:25
9. In My Father's House 7:09

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James Byrd's Atlantis Rising - Crimes Of Virtuosity

Год: 1998

1. Prelude in Sea (instrumental) 00:27
2. Metatron 05:48
3. Heaven on Their Minds (A.L. Weber cover) 05:21
4. Shot Down in Flames (Japan bonus) 4:57
5. In My Darkest Hour 05:16
6. The Hunted Heretic (When I Was Young) 05:18
7. Jane (instrumental) 04:39
8. Get Free 04:52
9. Storm King 06:58
10. Goodbye My Love 07:57
11. Going Home 04:36

James Byrd (ex-Fifth Angel): guitars, keyboards
Kendall Torrey lead vocals
Randy Matthiessen: bass (rhythm guitar and keyboard on "Jane")
Chase Culp: drums
Keyboards on "Going Home": Mike Jackson
Drums on "Jane": Jay Roberts
Background vocals: Kendall Torrey, Amir "Lazy" Beso, James Byrd

James Byrd is a guitarist from Kirkland, WA who came to prominence in the metal scene in the mid-1980s with the band Fifth Angel, considered a pioneer of the early Power Metal movement. Since this time he has released numerous solo albums on the labels Shrapnel Records, Mascot, JVC Victor and Lion Music as well as starting his own guitar company Byrd Guitars who market the original design Super Avianti instrument.

James Byrd plays a hybrid of classic rock, metal and blues with classical influences and possesses an extremely musical vibrato along with perfect relative pitch. He is the only artist to ever receive an official (uncompensated) endorsement from renowned virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen and 'Guitar For The Practising Musician' magazine listed him as one of the "top 10 guitarists you have never heard of" in April 1996.[citation needed]

James Byrd has a strong following in Europe and Asia, where he has appeared numerous times in leading Japanese rock press Young Guitar and Burnn. Fifth Angel saw a free flexi disc appear on the front cover of Kerrang! magazine (Feb 28, 1988 edition), and Byrd has appeared in adverts for Ibanez guitars in Guitar World and GFTPM magazine as well as having a gear spotlight in the Feb 1995 edition of Guitar Shop magazine. Two James Byrd albums (James Byrd's Atlantis Rising and The Apocalypse Chime) were included as recommended titles in the book "The Collector's Guide To Heavy Metal – Volume 3: The Nineties" by leading rock biographer/author Martin Popoff.
His 2001 and 2002 releases "Flying Beyond The 9" and "Anthem" (both released on Lion Music) saw Byrd take his music to a more classically structured level with heavy orchestration's working alongside the rock elements.

Since this time Byrd has mainly spent time building up his guitar company as well as several guest appearances on tribute albums.
In 2011, James Byrd released an album of never before heard performances and songs that were recorded in the summer of 1987. The material was discovered when vocalist Freddy Krumins was going through a box of old tapes.


Коллекция » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND J » JAMES BYRD /Progressive Metal (United States/1995,1998)
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