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Коллекция » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND S » [,silu:'et] (Silhouette) /Progressive Metal (Lithuania/2008)
[,silu:'et] (Silhouette) /Progressive Metal
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[,silu:'et] - Theory of Dream

Год: 2008 EP
Стиль: Progressive Metal

1.Into 01:06
2.Masters of the Dice 03:18
3....of Lost Souls and Eternal Rains 05:31
4.Black & Cyan 06:00
5.The Fallen of Light 04:51
6.Extraterrestrial Dreams 04:57
7.Alley Grave 06:06

Artur M Bass
Eugene G Guitars (lead), Vocals
Valentine G Vocals, Guitars
Vainius Drums
Victor G Keyboards

Songs written by Eugene and Valentine, except ‘Black & Cyan’ written by Domantas and Eugene with drum lines by Nick K.
Arrangements and orchestrations by E.
cover art by Self | www.artspirit.ru
band photography by Kpuc | www.brusnika.lt
Recorded, mixed and mastered by E. at Shadowmusic Studios, Klaipeda, Lithuania
Produced by Silhouette | www.silhouette.lt

It was dark and creepy autumn of 2004, when the strange flows of music matter and glowing darkness born the act, which was later on to become the 'Silhouette'..
While the time stands still in parallel worlds (ah, not in all of them, though), the minutes run fast on our planet, where, in a small town of Klaipeda, the ground was trembling and the air was shuddering as the three noise-makers were experimenting with their sound. Heavy riffs, dark vocals, prog-rhythms and melancholic atmosphere - this strange combination together with some synthetic soundshapes was finally implemented in a record, which was born in the middle of 2008.
'Theory of Dream', a seven-track EP filled with dark moods and ethereal matters was a result of numerous experiments with music genres and states of mind, for music, just like mind, has to exist without boundaries..
Some nice changes came out of the blue after releasing the album - synthetic lifeforms, which played a significant role in our band, were replaced by organic matter, when in the end of 2008, a keyboard master arrived from the creeping shadows, and, not so long after him - the true drum crusher from far corner of the galaxy..
The Great Unknown is waiting for us, while we gather some notes from far beyond to bring you the new songs. What will become of it? No one knows, even we don't. The planet floats, the waves chill, the sounds appear and vanish, and we enjoy the moments of life..
By the way, have you ever imagined how will the song look like, if the speed of sound had suddenly changed?.

Коллекция » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND S » [,silu:'et] (Silhouette) /Progressive Metal (Lithuania/2008)
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