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Коллекция » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND M » MOUNTAIN OF POWER /Heavy Metal/Hard Rock (Sweden/ Discography)
MOUNTAIN OF POWER /Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
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Metalic Lady
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Стиль: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Страна: Sweden

Послушать альбомы на яндекс-музыке

Swedish Hard Rock / Heavy Metal project, founded in 2005 by Janne Stark. The idea behind the project was to record covers of obscure heavy rock bands or/and songs from the 70s that had inspired Janne. The arrangements often feature merges of two, or an amalgamations of several songs in one. The rhythm guitars and the major part of the guitar solos plus bass are handled by Janne Stark, while the vocals are handled by various singers such as Paul Shortino, Carl Dixon, Clas Yngström, Conny Bloom, Pontus Snibb, Neil Merryweather etc. and there are lots of lead guitar guests such as Ty Tabor, John Norum, Kee Marcello, Hank Shermann, Michael Denner, Rusty Burns etc.

Among the bands that have been covered you will find The Leslie West Band, Moxy, Stray Dog, Captain Beyond, Cain, Diamond Reo, Triumph, Budgie, Rush, Kansas, Neon Rose etc.

Janne is foremost known as guitarist in bands like Overdrive, Grand Design, Locomotive Breath, Balls and Constancia.

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Metalic Lady
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Mountain of Power - Volume One

Год: 2007 (2012)
Стиль: Hard-Rock / Heavy Metal
Страна: Sweden


01. In for the Kill [0:06:19.33]
02. Dreams of Milk and Honey [0:03:19.17]
03. Black Train [0:04:17.43]
04. Uncle Ned [0:03:44.28]
05. Black Magic [0:05:02.13]
06. Out of the Darkness [0:05:41.55]
07. Sitting by the Pool [0:04:37.66]
08. Fantasy [0:05:12.54]
09. One of a Kind [0:03:27.15]
10. Crazy [0:05:26.60]
11. Let That Lizard Loose [0:03:23.52]
12. Love Rock [0:04:38.57]
13. Tomorrow or Yesterday [0:05:49.04]
14. Mountain of Power [0:05:22.44]

MOUNTAIN OF POWER, the first studio disc by this amazing Swedish heavy rock project features 14 tracks (66 minutes) of mega-killer, brain-damaging, classic, intense, powerful, muscular 70's heavy guitar riffage that rocks hard, kicks serious guitar ass and is guaranteed to rip your head apart.

The MOUNTAIN OF POWER disc is the musical "brotherhood" collaboration and project between Janne Stark of Locomotive Breath & Joe Romagnola of Grooveyard Records and is our "tribute" to the classic obscure 70's heavy guitar riffage that we grew up on and still love. Stark & Romagnola met @ the crossroads and hand-picked 14 mind-blowing, classic, killer 70's heavy guitar tracks that really stand out & deliver. Going with a way-kool, heavy, muscular, powerful updated hi-energy riff attack, MOUNTAIN OF POWER was excellently recorded and produced (Made in Sweden) with Janne Stark @ the helm and features mega-awesome cover tracks by CAPTAIN BEYOND, BUDGIE, GODDO, STRAY DOG, MARCUS, MOXY, POINT BLANK, MOUNTAIN, MONTROSE, DERRINGER, WIRELESS, NEON ROSE & SAMSON.

The MOUNTAIN OF POWER disc features tons of killer "special guest" Swedish axerippers including Thomas Larsson (Glenn Hughes), Emil Fredholm (Plankton), Christian Neppenstrom (Plankton), Sven Cirnski, Tommy Denander, Mick Nord, Lori Linstruth (amazing chick guitarist), Jonas Hansson, and even the Grooveyard's own ::grOOveDaWg:: lands on a few rippin' solos. All of the guitarists who jammed on the MOUNTAIN OF POWER disc did a killer job and kick serious heavy guitar ass all over the place. As an added bonus, the MOP disc features a bad-ass original instrumental track called MOUNTAIN OF POWER (what else?!!!) that ends the disc and features many of the axerippers on the disc. The MOP disc has more killer, get-down, retro-70's, bluesy heavy guitar licks per square inch than 56 heavy guitar discs put together!!!

The MOUNTAIN OF POWER disc also features these excellent, powerful Swedish guest vocalists: David Fremberg, Chris Catena, Bjorn Lodin, Mattias Osback, Mick Nord, Dan Swano, Mike Andersson & Pelle Saether. Powerhouse drums were played by Peter Svensson & Anders Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen). Everyone involved, including MOP "head chief" Janne "Sacred Alien" Stark (who is an amazing, powerful "riffmaster" in his own rite) did an AWESOME job on the super-sonic way-kool MOUNTAIN OF POWER disc.
The MOUNTAIN OF POWER disc is a brain-damaging, heavy guitar ::riff-monster:: and is HIGHLY recommended to fans of CAPTAIN BEYOND, BUDGIE, GODDO, STRAY DOG, MARCUS, MOXY, POINT BLANK, MOUNTAIN, MONTROSE, DERRINGER, WIRELESS, NEON ROSE, SAMSON, LOCOMOTIVE BREATH and to anyone who heavily digs classic, killer 70's heavy guitar rock.

Dig out your "air guitars", crank up your amps to eleven and jam out hard on the "timeless" classic heavy guitar RIFFAGE that matters with Stark & Co. Get ready to rock, because the "mighty" MOUNTAIN OF POWER disc has landed and it's time to KICK OUT THE JAMS!!! MOUNTAIN OF POWER is ALL ABOUT THE ROCK and definitely KEEPS THE ROCK ALIVE. Exclusively available on Grooveyard Records, a label dedicated to outstanding TOTAL GUITAR music).


Издатель (лейбл): GROOVEYARD RECORDS
Номер по каталогу: GYR025

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Metalic Lady
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Mountain Of Power - Volume Two

Год: 2010
Стиль: Hard-Rock / Heavy Metal
Страна: Sweden

01. Urban Guerilla [0:03:30.48]
02. Checkin`It Out/Sister Madness [0:06:14.56]
03. Makin`Magic/Makes No Difference [0:04:40.42]
04. Reasons Love/This Kids [0:05:41.29]
05. Talkin`Bout A Feeling [0:06:29.63]
06. Monkey [0:04:11.48]
07. Bedroom Thang [0:05:40.50]
08. Deadly Weopon [0:03:14.09]
09. Stuck Down/25 Hours A Day [0:05:18.49]
10. Money [0:04:28.00]
11. Bad Penny [0:06:45.06]
12. Woves [0:03:01.50]
13. Indian Dawn [0:05:59.15]
14. Stand Alone [0:11:12.09]

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Metalic Lady
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Mountain of Power - Volume Three

Год: 2015
Стиль: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Страна: Sweden

01. Give It Everything We Got / Kryptonite (7:10)
02. Hey Serena / Wheel Of Fortune Turning (7:34)
03. It's A Jungle Out There (4:56)
04. Be My Lover / Little Texas Shaker (5:47)
05. Raging River Of Fear (4:59)
06. Silver Dollar (5:33)
07. Badside (5:37)
08. All The Way (5:08)
09. Cynthia Fever / Juke It (6:42)
10. She Flew Freely / If Only We Had Tried (4:50)
11. Under The Shadow (7:05)
12. Death Of Mother Nature Suite / Child Of Innocence (12:32)

Издатель (лейбл): Grooveyard Records
Номер по каталогу: GYR140

Janne Stark: lead and rhythm guitars and bass
Guest singers:
Carl Dixon (CONEY HATCH), Neil Merryweather (SPACE RANGERS/HEAVY CRUISER/MAMA LION), Thomas Vikström (CANDLEMASS/STORMWIND/BRAZEN ABBOTT), David Angstrom (BLACK CAT BONE/SUPAFUZZ), Magnus Ekwall (THE QUILL), Pelle Saether, Martin J Andersen (BLINDSTONE), Amy Douglas (FEINTS), Peter Hermansson, Marc Quee, Chris Catena and Roger Solander (DUST).

Guest guitarists:
Martin J Andersen, Kee Marcello, Craig Erickson, Jay Jesse Johnson, Jimmy Ryan, Ken Hammer (PRETTY MAIDS), Hank Shermann (MERCYFUL FATE), Michael Denner (MERCYFUL FATE), Jonas Hansson (SILVER MOUNTAIN), Mikael Nord Andersson, Mikael Nilsson, David Angstrom, Mike Onesko (BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND), Brett Ellis, Joe Romagnola, Stefan Lindholm (VINDICTIV).

Guest drummer:
TrumPeter Svensson and Peter Hermansson
Janne Stark, гитарист таких групп, как Overdrive, Grand Design, Constancia и Locomotive Breath, вернулся с третьим альбомом кавер-версий, в котором воздаёт должное музыке 1970-х. В записи материала принимали участие гитаристы Kee Marcello, Craig Erickson, Jay Jesse Johnsson, Hank Shermann, Michael Denner, Mike Onesko, David Angstrom и Ken Hammer, и это не полный список! Партии вокала записали Carl Dixon, Martin J Andersen, David Angstrom, Pelle Saether, Chris Catena, Thomas Vikström, Roger Solander и Neil Merryweather. На ударных Peter Hermansson и TrumPeter Svensson.

Коллекция » Rock Music (Lossless) » BAND M » MOUNTAIN OF POWER /Heavy Metal/Hard Rock (Sweden/ Discography)
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